Our vision

A vision for the future

Our passion is to develop new products and keep up with the needs of the market. We want to extend our offer to lithium battery chargers, especially for larger systems such as electric boats.

We care about the environment

We always cares about the environment by choosing materials carefully, making wise decisions about energy usage, and minimizing waste. Istead of a nice pack, rather we put more care on the quality and usability of our products. We are proud that our products, due to its durability and serviceability have a long service life, even after 10 years or more.

Our products help reduce battery consumption

Lead-acid batteries contain sulphuric acid and large amounts of lead. The acid is extremely corrosive and is also a good carrier for soluble lead and lead particulate. Lead is a highly toxic metal that produces a range of adverse health effects. The good news is that pulse charging can extend battery life.

Our chargers have different charging programs for different type of batteries. By using the right charging program, we further help to maintain a healthy battery for a long time.

By using our pulse-charging sistem, we can regenerate cells in old Batterys majorly, when they were charged improperly with other chargers.

The use of pulse charging has been shown to increase battery charge and energy efficiencies and to also reduce charge time.

We care about the environment