12V 20A

  • Battery charger AP-17 is suitable for charging only 12V lead (Pb) batteries from all together capacity of min. 10Ah. Maximum capacity of charged battery is not limited. Battery charger AP-17 is for (we recommend that the charging time is not too long) battery systems up to 400Ah total capacity..
  • Charger has 4 charging programmes: universal programme - UNI, programme for wet hermetic start battery CaCaWET, programme for AGM battery and programme for GEL battery.
  • 4 charging phase: bulk charge, absorption, equalization, float charge
  • Setting the charging mode enables the device to operate either as charger (it charges battery until it is full) or as a battery-buffer (battery is constantly connected to charger and is providing power for load, such as light, refrigerator in case of caravan, boat or sailboat).
  • Pulse-charging prolong the battery life
  • Console for mounting
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