12V 100A

  • Battery charger AP-3000 is suitable for charging only 12V lead (Pb) batteries from all together capacity of min. 100Ah. Maximum capacity of charged battery is not limited. Battery charger AP-3000 is for (we recommend that the charging time is not too long) battery systems up to 2000Ah total capacity..
  • Charger has 8 charging programs for different type of batteries: UNI (universal), STA (standard), CaCaWET programme for wet hermetic start battery, programme for AGM battery, programme for GEL battery, LeadCry program, used to lead Si crystal battery and TRACTION program, used for Pb Traction Lead with liquid electrolyte.
  • 4 charging phase: bulk charge, absorption, equalization, float charge
  • Battery itself determines charging current under supervision of intelligent microprocessor pulse charging system
  • Regenerate cells majorly, when they were charged improperly- Battery desulfatization effect
  • There is no warming up effect, which reduces battery life at overcharge
  • Pulse-charging prolong the battery life
  • Safe against short-circuit
  • Safe against wrong polarity by connecting battery on the charger
  • Automatic battery detector (yellow LED)
  • Precise charging indicator (green LED)
  • Simple signaling of green, red, yellow LED and acoustic buzzer
  • "Burst Charge" button for completely discharged battery
  • Charging is independent of oscillations in the supply voltage (PWM technology)
  • Desktop or mounting version
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